About Symbiosis

Principal Director - Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar is the Principal Director, Symbiosis. She is an eminent educationist, internationally renowned for her leadership in educational policy, governance, and research. Her academic and professional repertoire is as varied as it is distinguished. The pages that list her achievements run long, but suffice it to share glimpses: She completed her specialization in medicine at the B. J. Medical College in Pune, and holds a degree in law and a doctoral degree in the field of internationalization of higher education in India. A member of the Central Advisory Board of Education and former member of the University Grants Commission, she has resolutely advocated for driving higher education forward as a top agenda item. Of special interest to her is the subject of international education. As well as being on the board of several regulatory bodies, such as the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, she has served on a number of high level working groups to set India on the global higher education map. She is also the Executive Director, Symbiosis Centre for International Education. A keen research interest in higher education has taken her on a course of academic and journalistic eminence. Among the many community-leadership responsibilities that have been conferred upon her is the trusteeship of the Pune Citizen Police Foundation. Her expert opinion and advice is frequently sought in print and other media.